Eugene Onegin

Sunday, April 22, 2018 4:00PM
Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall

Eugene Onegin
Tickets not available at this time. Purchase tickets at the door.

The passionate music of Tchaikovsky brings Pushkin’s famous Russian novel to life. Tatyana, a quiet country girl, falls in love with Eugene Onegin, who is visiting with his friend Lensky. Tatyana writes an intense letter of love to him but Onegin spurns her. At a ball in Tatyana’s home, Onegin pursues Olga, Lensky’s betrothed. Lensky challenges Onegin to a duel, and is killed. Years later, Onegin returns to St. Petersburg to attend a ball held by Prince Gremin, who has married Tatyana. Onegin is struck by her beauty and declares his love for her, but this time it is her turn to reject him.

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